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Curran’s Story

The name “Curran” derives from Managing Partner Steve Shields Scottish lineage. Curran originates from Gaelic 10th century and translates to “spear and hero”. Further it represents honesty, bravery and being loyal; attributes we strive for as a company every day. The spear has stood the test of time as it is one of the earliest and most important tools developed by early humans. It is reliable, powerful and efficient.  Curran sees itself as a tool to help organizations.


Curran was founded by Managing Partners Steve and Fran Shields in 2003. Previously Steve and Fran helped build two other consulting companies which are sustainable multi-million dollar organizations today. Their companies provided services across Canada and in Ireland.

Curran's Keyhole, Unlock Your Potential

Unlock Your Potential

The Company

Curran has a very specific focus providing objective unbiased consulting services in 4 service areas. We leverage our experience and your knowledge and insights to achieve results. Our firm is independent from any product or vendor, and firmly believes consultants should be project, not operationally focused. The owners Steve and Fran Shields, each have over 25 years of consulting experience working with small to large organizations in both private and public sectors.

LoyaL, Reliable and Honest

Objective and Unbiased

Proven Results and Experience

The Team

Curran is a small, focused and experienced team of professionals. Steve and Fran have a thorough understanding of what it takes to run organizations and achieve results. Combined, they have over 60 years of proven, referenced experience and knowledge.

Steve and Fran’s skills, experience and personal attributes are complimentary in a manner that provides you with a unique and well-rounded perspective. Their expertise in customer service and management adds that little extra in making Curran the dynamic effective team it is today. In their work, they incorporate a quality review process to ensure project success and client satisfaction.


Fran Shields

Management Consultant and Professional Coach


Steve Shields

Management Consultant and Management Advisor

The Engagement Approach

Our service approach is to provide:

Clarity of your objectives – “what success is for you”

An objective, unbiased, neutral perspective

A ‘get in, get the job done and then get out’ approach

Continuous, consistent, constructive two-way communication

Quality, honest, and direct when making suggestions and recommendations

A style that leverages and builds on your knowledge and assets


The Service and Value

Curran combines: extensive business, information management and technology, project expertise, practical useable tools, methods, innovative thinking and creative approaches. Curran provides the following services:

Project / Initiative Success Assurance Reviews, Post Project Reviews, Fairness Monitoring

Projects can lose sight of their original intent and expected outcomes. Curran works with you and provides unbiased, constructive health checks on your projects to help obtain the business value you are striving for.

Business Case and Opportunity Assessment Development and Training

All too often business decisions are made in haste.  Business cases and opportunity assessments help to support well thought out decisions by assessing options to determine the most effective decision going forward.

Professional Coaching

Steve and Fran have been providing Coaching and Advisory services for over 20 years to all levels of organizations in Canada and Ireland.

General Management Consulting

Our management consulting practice helps organizations improve their performance, solve problems and find better ways of doing things.

The Experience

  • All
  • Associations and Volunteer Organizations
  • Authored Methodologies and Training
  • Speaking Engagements

Addiction and Mental Health

Associations and Volunteer Organizations
A young person in a shawl staring out into the ocean

Breast Cancer

Associations and Volunteer Organizations
A close up of some leaves of an indoor plant

Business Case Methodology, training and tool kit

Authored Methodologies and Training
A close up of an almanac and a pen

Business Process Engineering Handbook

Authored Methodologies and Training
A close up of old books and papers stacked together

Canadian Information Process Society

Speaking Engagements
A man sitting and typing on a macbook air

Certified PMI Trainers

Authored Methodologies and Training
A man in a white tuxedo sitting with a macbook

Chamber of Commerce

Speaking Engagements
A businessman looking to cross a road in front of a judicial looking building

Coaching Teams

Authored Methodologies and Training
3 people standing by a large window in a tall skyscraper overlooking a cityscape

Corporate Challenge

Associations and Volunteer Organizations
A putting green on a golf course with a close up of the hole and 2 golf balls

Edmonton Police Foundation – Member

Associations and Volunteer Organizations
A man with his back turned in a modern open area of an office building

Erickson Professional Coaching

Authored Methodologies and Training

Facilitation Techniques

Authored Methodologies and Training
A sky shot of a very large metropolitan city with skyscrapers at dusk


Authored Methodologies and Training
A long exposed shot of cars on a highway creating a blur of lights and streaks.

Health Symposiums

Speaking Engagements
People and cars moving about in an urban metropolitan city street

MS 150 Bike Tour

Associations and Volunteer Organizations
A biker riding across a steel bridge over a body of water

National Board for Canadian Information Processing Society

Associations and Volunteer Organizations
A man tightening his tie with a high contrast light on his shoulder

Need2 Suicide Prevention

Associations and Volunteer Organizations
An overhead view of people running a marathon in an urban setting

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Speaking Engagements
Close up of hands typing on a macbook

Ontario Human Resources Association

Speaking Engagements
A close up of an apple keyboard and screen on a clean desk

Peninsula Celebrations Society – Board Director

Associations and Volunteer Organizations
A european house with a wooden door, brick mortaring and a house number of 2 on the wall

Project Management Institute

Speaking Engagements
One side of an office tower with many windows all lit up at night

Sidney Lions Food Bank

Associations and Volunteer Organizations
A wire basket of fruit and vegetables

Team Development

Authored Methodologies and Training
Looking down on a couple in a cafe on their computers and drinking coffee

University of Alberta Faculty of Extension

Speaking Engagements
A group of individuals sitting for coffee in a clean large room with large windows

World Masters Games

Associations and Volunteer Organizations
A woman reaching for her coffee beside her camera on a small table

Youth Suicide Prevention

Associations and Volunteer Organizations
A group of young people hanging out on a dock by the ocean

YWCA – Board Director

Associations and Volunteer Organizations
A man preparing a package in a cardboard box with twine and wrapping paper beside the box.

The Partnerships

Curran is fortunate enough to have working relationships with the following organizations

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